What to bring:

Bring plenty of fluids for the duration of the trip, and more drinks in hot weather. There will generally be a sit down stop every 90 minutes or so, but other breathers could be more frequent, as we pause to explore specific sites en route.

You can check the weather forecast but allow for Dartmoor surprises. A spare jumper or fleece. A hat and gloves, are often worth their weight in gold on Dartmoor. A waterproof jacket and trousers are essential.

Wear footwear that you are used to walking in. Personal preference is key here (I don’t mind wet feet so I’ll often wear running shoes). Walking boots stand a better chance of keeping you dry, but once they are wet, they tend to stay that way. Gaiters are a very useful addition and help keep your feet dry and your socks tick free.

Sun cream, hats and insect repellent are essential in summer. Dry socks and some blister plasters, if you are prone to them. Essentials for your backpack, Emergency food, a torch, a whistle and a plastic or foil survival bag.

In General terms avoid wearing cotton or Denim. It loses most of its heat retention once it gets wet. Denim has a particularly nasty habit of transferring moisture from ankle level all the way up your legs as you walk through damp grass, leaving you uncomfortable and cold.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch here if you have any queries and we will be happy to advise you.